8 February 2021 · Sales

Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee

Ready to perform, no matter what the conditions, the Jeep® Cherokee SUV is as hungry for adventure as you are.

Impressive 4x4 all-weather capability ensures that wherever you need to go, Cherokee Trailhawk can get you there.

Want to know more? Some of the capabilities of the Cherokee include:
Maintain Contact

For off-roading, traction is key. You want every wheel working to drive the vehicle forward. Cherokee Trailhawk offers a Jeep® Active Drive Lock 4x4 system that helps to ensure the right tyre has traction when it’s needed.

High and Dry

Don’t let a little water get in your way. Your Trail Rated® Jeep® Cherokee features additional electrical and body sealing along with a high air intake to help you to navigate streams and flooded underpasses that stop others cold. 

Tight Turning

Jeep® Cherokee Trailhawk® gives you the manoeuvrability to choose to steer around or crawl over obstacles like rocks or logs.

Maximum Flexibility

Good articulation allows the wheels to travel or flex. The better they flex, the better they can maintain contact with terrain to provide traction. Take a look under the Cherokee and you’ll find a unibody construction with independent suspension at all four corners.

Up and Over

Good ground clearance helps you pass over obstacles like rocks or logs. It’s measured at three points: approach angle, breakover angle and departure angle.

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